Vegan Parmesan “Cheese”

Parmesan, anyone?
Parmesan, anyone?

Ever since I went vegan I’ve been missing my Parmesan cheese. An Italian-style dinner just isn’t right without it! And then one day, while my dear hubby was looking in the supermarket for regular grated parmesan he happened across Go Veggie! brand Parmesan-style topping, right there next to the regular stuff! Yeah, it was a little more expensive than the normal Parmesan cheese, but he knew I’d love to try it and so he pointed it out to me when I caught up with him. I did not hesitate to throw it into the grocery cart, to say the least!

That night I decided to make a spaghetti dinner just so I could try out this vegan “cheese.” Although the omnivores had real meatballs, I had vegan style meatballs in my sauce topped with my new vegan Parmesan. It is soy based so it isn’t melty, but flavor-wise it is a fine substitute for the real thing! I highly recommend this version of “Parmesan” for any of your Italian cooking needs or even as a popcorn topping if you like that kind of thing.

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