Plums and Grapes!

Plums Grapes

What a delightful pairing of flavors: Plums and grapes!

I’d have never thought to put these two together before, but it was borne of necessity: We bought an over-abundance of fruit, so we needed to use them up somehow. So for supper one night, instead of having a side of vegetables on the plate I decided to use the fruit. Since the red grapes and red plums had been hanging around just a little too long I figured I’d better use them up before they went bad.

I peeled, pitted, and chopped the plums, tossed in a bunch of red grapes and mixed in a bowl. It was very simple, and the fruits’ flavors blended perfectly! The omnivores in my house liked how it went well with their chicken, and I enjoyed mine with some Gardein meatless chick’n strips — it was a perfect side for this type of meal.

As for the nutrition? There was no need to add any sugar because the fruits’ own natural sweetness carried it through. The fruits added essential vitamins and fiber to the meal, as well as the antioxidants that are present in the grape skins. It was a really nice alternative to the usual veggie-sides that we usually serve for supper.

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