I Got My Ranch Back!


Daiya has done it again! Not only does the company make some delicious, melty vegan “cheeses”, but NOW they’ve come out with a new line of vegan salad dressings — specifically Ranch, Bleu Cheeze, and Caesar. Vegans can rejoice! We now have dressings to go with our vegan versions of buffalo chicken wings, salads, and raw veggies trays!

I, personally, am partial to ranch dressing. And ever since I went vegan I’ve been missing the convenience of ready-made vegan ranch. So when I first heard a few weeks ago that Daiya was releasing a new line of vegan dressings I’ve been looking for it on my local grocer’s shelf…. and tonight I found it, YES!

When I got it home I cut up some celery sticks and grabbed a few baby carrots and poured a large dollop of this ranch dressing on a small plate. I dipped a veggie in, took a small nibble, and savored the flavor as I considered the taste. My personal verdict? It totally passes! It has the right thickness, a good creamy flavor and a nice hint of garlic. I am definitely going to buy this again, no doubt!

I have yet to try their other flavors, but if this one is any indication I am confident that I won’t be disappointed. I think it’s time to buy a package of vegan chicken wings now….

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